You are here because you have made the conscious decision to do something kind and loving for yourself.

Perhaps you have been feeling like you don’t have any time for yourself. Like you want to change some things about your life but you don’t know exactly what or how. Your work life is not satisfying or going in the direction you hoped. Relationships are stuck in a rut, stalling or feeling toxic. You are struggling to connect with your children or find coping with every day life a bit of a struggle.

Maybe you overwhelmed and stressed with all the things you need to do that you feel like you can’t focus. You find yourself getting irritated by the smallest things!

You might be struggling with physical or mental illness, addictions, poor sleep.

Or you simply want some time out to relax and be at peace

By choosing to come to this website today, you have taken the first step to overcoming your challenges.

I have been there. I have struggled myself with mental illness, an auto-immune condition, stress, feeling stagnant in jobs I hated and just wanting more direction in life. Reiki worked for me when nothing else did.

Here at Blue Lotus Soul Healing my focus is on how I can help you explore your challenges in a safe and caring environment and how we can work together to help you overcome them with gentle, safe and loving healing.

The goal is for you to walk away feeling empowered and released from your stresses so you can go about your day feeling calmer, more connected with yourself and those around you and in control. You will heal yourself, I will just show you how.

I am currently qualified as a Level 3a Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher with plans to go on and complete my Reiki Mastership very soon!

Stephanie McKendry